Bharatiya Krishak Samaj letter to Government

(Dr. krishan Bir Chaudhary)

On behalf of millions small and marginal farmers of India and in continuation of our letter dated 16th July 2010 and the reply of that letter given by the agriculture ministry , writing the facts related to the  Pesticide Management Bill-2008 .

Regarding protection given in other part of world, why Agriculture Department  comparing  our  developing country with the developed countries. When the Patent Law already exists in the Country then what is the need for double benefit (extra time) is being given to MNC's for monopoly of their so called new pesticides, most of the molecules are obsolete in many Countries.

More then five hundred pesticide molecules are waiting for entry into Indian markets. MNC's will sold such products at an exorbitant prices to the Indian farmers. They are trying to capture the input sector of agriculture.

We should not give the monopoly rights to MNC''s unnecessarily by giving  the tool of data protection. We have raised all issues before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture also, because its our moral duty to protect our poor farmers and we should not surrender the input sector of agriculture  to the multinational corporations.

Why the government is adopting double standard with the most important input sector of agriculture, which is directly related with the food security of the country.This act of the government will increase the cost of production. When there is no data protection in the pharmaceutical industry in India, which is also equally important  sector ,then why in agriculture sector ?

Once the data is generated in any part of the world and the molecule is found to be efficient on crop and safe for the environment , animal and human being then the further registration of the same molecule from other source is unnecessarily sheer wastage of money and energy and stopping the Indian industry to give the same molecule to the farmers at cheaper price. 

Any new molecule invented in the world for the first time with commercialization in any country all over the world is already patented then why separate data protection is required whereas already 17 years protection is there.

As India already signatory to WTO on Patent/IPR and this cover 17 year protection of data and it is WTO the sole authority who can increase and decrease the period of patent than why we unnecessary exercising ourselves in granting further 5 year data protection and over an above this is prerogative of international agency i.e. WTO or the patent authority to increase or decrease the period of data protection.

The data protection will be misused by misleading the government and making the interpretation by MNC's in their own interest through our corrupt government officials. Every time they will twist their data in the name of new data and will ask for further protection for 5 years so they will be using this protection for evergreen.

It shows, how powerful MNC's driving our policy makers and twisting the government. Why the govt. is giving the extra protection to MNC's.



(Editorial : Kisan Ki Awaaz Magazine)