Global contamination

(Dr. krishan Bir Chaudhary)

The world is facing contamination of natural environment from two sources. One, the uncontrollable release of radioactive contaminants from the crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and the other from illegal planting of Genetically Engineered seeds worldwide by criminal corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, Syngenta and Dow Chemicals. 

The four reactors at Fukushima Nuclear Power facility, owned by Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO], were knocked out of operation by the 9.1 earthquake off the Japanese coast that caused tsunami waves. The waves killed over 18,000; thousands remain unaccounted for. The damage was so severe that it has virtually knocked out the supply chain of Japanese industries including major car manufacturers.

The tsunami waves damaged the cooling system of the reactors that started uncontrollable meltdown process. That led to release of lethal radiation in the form of Strontium-90 and Iodine-131 that has been found at high enough levels as far as France and now covers the entire United States. The radiation spread all over the world by 15th March and India is also receiving high dose.

Senior scientists have warned that the situation is so bad in Japan that the entire Tokyo region with 40 million people may have to be evacuated; others are advocating evacuation of the entire Japanese population to safer regions. The Government of India has already instructed Port Authorities to test all ships originating from Japanese ports because the ships and their consignments will be radioactive.

The Japanese accident had to happen. The technology for generating electricity using uranium has time and time again proven to be unsafe. Every nuclear reactor is now a ticking nuclear bomb; similar explosion can happen is any of the 400-odd operational reactors.

It can happen to any reactor located on fault zones and especially those located on the coasts because of vulnerability to natural disasters. Underplaying such possibilities is essentially a public lie.

The second source of contamination is coming from illegal planting of Genetically Modified seeds. In an asinin example of bravado, one of GM seeds companies, had the temerity to plant GM corn adjacent to Bihar Chief Minister's ancestral farm in Bihar. When he was told that GM maize has been planted he spoke with Sharad Pawar to stop this sort of illegal planting.

Sharad Pawar has been insisting on allowing GM crops to be planted. Then Nitish Kumar called up Jairam Ramesh under whose Ministry comes Genetic Engineering Approval Committee. Despite Jairam Ramesh directive to stop this sort of illegal planting, how GEAC is conducting the trials right under the nose of powerful Chief Minister remains shrouded in mystery.  The GEAC and the entire group of scientists working for the GM seeds multinational corporations are pushing for a new GM technology Bill against the wishes of majority of farmers and the wishes of the Indian civil society.

Contamination from GM seeds is irreversible; no technology exists to decontaminate natural seeds. This sort of large scale contamination is a proven fact and it is a deliberate act on part of seeds corporations to contaminate every natural seeds worldwide.

They don't want to leave any option to consumers who would like to eat natural foods grown from natural seeds. Such irresponsible behavior amounts to subjecting world's population to the largest biological experiment without our consent. And this biological experiment, that will destroy the natural environment and human and animal health, the Government of India is actively colluding.

The two sources of contaminations  one radiological and the other biological- have the property of altering natural genetic structure of all living things. Both are known to cause degenerative diseases and environmental destruction on massive scale. The two events show how science itself has been enslaved to serve corporate interest.


(Editorial : Kisan Ki Awaaz Magazine)