Misplaced development causes climate change, environmental and economic disaster

(Dr. krishan Bir Chaudhary)

Inappropriate models for development, adoption of western lifestyle, greed for money and intensive and extensive exploitation of natural resources have pushed the country to a danger point of ecological and environmental disaster.

There is no doubt our per capita energy consumption is lower than the developed nation. But that does not mean we should compete with the developed countries in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Climate change is a global problem and there is a need to share the responsibility collectively by the nations to reverse the trend in this climate forcing. The developed nations should voluntarily take the lead in making deeper cuts in GHG emissions in the larger interests of the humanity.

India has already taken steps to formulate Climate Change Action Plan and has announced to make a cut in GHG emission by 20% by 2025.

Under global climate change fora, the developing countries including India enjoy “common but differentiated responsibility” that allows to carry out their development activities.

But this does not mean that our development activities should be misplaced. If we follow the Western model of development and lifestyle, it would be a doom. Rather India should upgrade its traditional models of development, if necessary with appropriate scientific technology, so that our development process remains sustainable in nature.

But today’s tragedy is that we are hell bent on transplanting Western models for development and apeing their lifestyle.

In the process the poor people of this country, particularly the farmers are facing the consequences of the misplaced policies of the Government which are most unsustainable in nature.

The impact of climate change is felt on the South West Monsoon on which over 90% of the farmers depend. Low rainfall or delayed rainfall and droughts have caused problems for farmers’ livelihood and agriculture.

Added to this is the shrinkage in farm land due to unwarranted urbanization, setting up of large Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and transfer of prime cropped area to big corporate houses for reaping profits. These are being aided by State Government’s forcible acquisition of farm & forest land and Central Government’s deliberate intention of effecting a change in the central law for land acquisition.

Food security and livelihood of farmers, the giver of food security to the nation, are critically endangered in the process.

The Government should realise that by following this unsustainable path of development, it is steering the country to not only environmental and ecological disaster but also to an economic doom.

This unsustainable process may help in filling up the pockets of few rich, but the poor will become more poorer. The Government is happy to project a rosy picture of GDP growth, but is not concerned about raising the per capita income of the poor and the middle class of the society. The country can progress only when the per capita income of the poorest of the poor register an appreciatable rise  


(Editorial : Kisan Ki Awaaz Magazine)