The crusade against corruption

(Dr. krishan Bir Chaudhary)

Ramdev's movement is mass based. He first created a mass base for reform and that took him five years. During those five years the Government was not sleeping, it was monitoring Ramdev's “desi jagran,” .

When Ramdev finally declared 4th June as start of his fast-unto-death, four cabinet ministers and two top bureaucrats met him. He was received at the airport and the Government sat with him at hotel Claridges for four and half hours to dissuade him from his method of protest. Ramdev's threat was real, with the backing of detailed intelligence reports.

What irked the “secularists” most?

It is shameful that well funded NGOs, majority receiving foreign funds, chose to make disparaging statements against Ramdev. Medha Patkar appeared shocked that four ministers went to receive Ramdev while none came to appease her at her Mumbai fast.

The well funded NGOs should know that the Government of India collects information on every foreign funded NGOs and the Intelligence Bureau has dossiers on each one of them. They are allowed to function so long as they don't cross the line that only the government decides.

What is the scale of corruption and Ramdev's demand?

According to one report US dollar 1.3 trillion, more than India's GDP, has been kept in foreign banks by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen. Ramdev said that these illicit funds be declared national assets and brought back. According to Ramdev's information, the illegal money runs into 400,000 crores.

Actually no one knows the exact amount but the fact that this information has actually come from foreign governments lends credence to the fact that top politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen hold enormous amount of illegal funds in foreign banks in tax haven.

Ramdev's simple request was these people should be given life sentence or death penalty. Kapil Sibbal and Subodhkant Sahay perhaps did not agree to this but they have promised life imprisonment but they have not assured Ramdev to a time line.The cause has also supported by supreme court & insisted to bring black money in the country as it is a national property.

This was the core issue and Ramdev rightly refused any further negotiations before sitting on fast.



(Editorial : Kisan Ki Awaaz Magazine)