Holland offers cooperation to develop Indian dairy sector

Eyeing the huge growth opportunity in Indian dairy sector, especially with cooperation and technical assistance from developed countries like Holland, Media Today Group and Dutch Embassy in India organised a one-day Seminar cum workshop on Scope of Indo-Dutch Cooperation in Dairy Industry to augment production, processing, marketing and exports on 3rd May 2011 at NCUI Building, New Delhi.


Round Table meet on India - Israel Agriculture

The Round Table meet on India- Israel Agriculture was organized to discuss the issues relating to agriculture of both the countries Dr.  M J Khan emphasizing about the possibilities and areas of cooperation between the present situations of Agriculture at both the ends and strengthening the bilateral cooperation for moving ahead for a long way.


A Report of Convention “Impact of Global Climate Change on Agriculture in Russia and India”

The Convention “Impact of Global Climate Change on Agriculture in Russia and India”, organized by Bharatiya Krishak Samaj jointly with Russian Centre of Science & Culture in the capital was addressed by prominent academics, agricultural scientists, environmentalists, M.P.s, and others, and attended by a large gathering of agriculturists representing several Indian states.The speakers were unanimous in making a clarion call for joint efforts by Russia and India on reducing the negative impact of global climate change. On this occasion Hon'ble  Smt. Sonia Gandhi Chairperson, UPA and Dr. M. Veerappa Moily, Hon'ble Union Minister of Law & Justice send their good wishes for the success of the programme.







Agriculture development needed for prosperity - Dr. Moily

The Bharatiya Krishak Samaj felicitated the Union minister for law and justice, Dr. M. Veerappa Moily on February 23, 2010 for penning two volumes of his book Unleashing India. The Volume 1 of Unleashing India deals with the theme - A Roadmap for Agrarian Wealth Creation. The Volume II of Unleashing India deals with the theme - Water: Elixir of Life. Both these volumes are helpful for policymakers for drawing up policies for the agriculture sector.


Bharatiya Krishak Samaj letter to Minister of Environment & Forests on Bt Brinjal

Since the approval of the Bt brinjal as a food crop by the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) in October 14, 2009, there has been series of public resentments and protests all over the country. We appreciate your decision to withheld the release of Bt brinjal and go for public consultations. By now after public consultations in different parts of the country, we are sure that you must have personally felt the nature of public opposition to this genetically engineered food crop. The opposition is on the basis of sound scientific evidences and genuine concerns for food and environment safety.













Indian farmers stand to lose crops worth Rs. 25,000 crore annually due to sub-standard pesticides

Indian farmers stand to lose crops worth over Rs. 25,000 crore annually due to use of sub-standard pesticides and insecticides, a farmers’ organisation has claimed here on Monday. Much of the failure from sub-standard products is reported in sugarcane, wheat, paddy and potato crops.


India loses crops worth Rs 25k cr to spurious pesticides

India is facing crop loses worth over Rs 25,000 crore a year due to the use of spurious pesticides and insecticides, a leading farmers' body claimed on Monday, pegging the annual sales of such fake products at over Rs 1,500 crore.


Bharatiya Krishak Samaj exposes racket of cos selling sub-standard pesticides

India’s leading farmers’ organisation Bharatiya Krishak Samaj today brought to the fore the racket of pesticide companies in the sale of sub-standard pesticides and insecticides to farmers. The loss to the farmers on account of using the sub-standard pesticides and insecticides is likely to be over Rs 25000 crore. The manufactures of this sub-standard material tend to gain over Rs 1500 crore by pushing the sale of their products.


Spurious pesticide kills crops worth Rs 25,000 cr a year

India is facing crop losses worth over Rs 25,000 crore a year because of the use of spurious pesticides and insecticides, a leading   farmers' body claimed here o Monday, pegging the annual sale of such fake products at over Rs 1,500 crore.


Farmers and experts called for moratorium on GM crops Economic Times (ET)

Farmers and experts have called for a moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops in the country in view of established related health and environmental hazards. Charging the key regulatory body of "compromising" its fundamental brief of securing public health and safety in the context of GM crops, they have called for a stop on the introduction of both GM Brinjal and GM rice.





Russia to support India in WTO agriculture talks

Russia has agreed to side with India in agriculture negotiations at the WTO. It would also support the developing countries demand for self-designation of special products for ensuring food and livelihood security, according to the counsellor (agriculture) in the Russian Embassy in India, Valeriya Popotsev.  He complimented India for taking a tough stand at the WTO in interests of the farmers of the developing world. “It would be disastrous for the developing countries to unilaterally open their domestic markets on pressures from the developed countries,” he said.


Food Futures Behind Rising Prices

With stock markets and the property sector in the United States weakening, speculative investors are turning to fuels and the food sector as a "safe haven", driving up prices in the process, say some food security activists. This is the logical sequence from the transformation of food from a basic human need to an economic ''commodity'', they point out. This has made it a lot easier for investors and trading houses to regard agricultural food as a legitimate target for speculation, hoarding and market manipulation, especially though the futures market.


Cut and dried?

The World Trade Organisation has ruled that Europe's moratorium on GM organisms was wrong. But biotech companies beware - the decision does not mean that countries are ready to roll over, says Sue Mayer  Last week, industry analysts were predicting that markets for GM crops would soon be expanding globally. Their claims were based on reports that the US, Argentina and Canada had "won" in their World Trade Organisation (WTO) dispute with Europe over GM crops and foods. For the GM crop growing countries and the biotech industry, the tactic of using the WTO to steamroller European recalcitrance over GM organisms (GMOs) seems to have come up trumps. But the reality is likely to be less clear, although the determination of the US to bully countries into accepting GM food shouldn't be underestimated.


Wheat imports: Congress farmers` wing cries foul

The farmers' wing of the Congress party has come down heavily against the government’s wheat imports saying that it is being done amidst a surplus of wheat, even as the wheat is being bought from a company that is scam tainted, and with the purpose of filling “the pockets of unscrupulous agents.’’ 


Dr Krishan Bir Chaudhary  letter to Sonia Gandhi on wheat

This is a letter written by Dr Krishan Bir Chaudhary, to the ruling UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi,  protesting against unilateral opening up for imports, in midst of surplus farm production in the country.  Dr Chaudhary also expressed his concern over GEAC approving new BT COTTON hybrids without considering cases of reported failure of BT COTTON already under cultivation :-


Greenpeace protests NZ proposal to lift ban on Terminator seeds

Greenpeace activists protested in front of the New Zealand Embassy in New Delhi this morning, with a banner exhorting New Zealand to ' Keep the Ban on Terminator Seeds ' . The protestors also distributed leaflets to hundreds of passers-by in peak hour traffic.


Corporate and Large Poultry Business Firms Responsible For Bird Flu Incidence

Country’s leading farmer organization Bharat Krishak Samaj is deeply concerned over the recent incidence of Bird Flu in 18 corporate and large poultry business firms in Navapur in Maharashtra and in adjoining Gujarat. This incidence of Bird Flu in large poultry business firms, if not controlled in time, may spread to nearby villages affecting farmers rearing poultry. Bharat Krishak Samaj and All India Kisan Sabha (of C.P.I) supports the ongoing culling operations undertaken at the instance of the govt., in 18 affected poultry business firms. It also hails the govt. decision to set up a committee to enquire into the causes of the incidence of Bird Flu. But, Bharat Krishak Samaj would like to question as to why such incidence occurred only in large poultry business firms, rearing mostly exotic crossbread poultry and not on indigenous poultry birds reared by the village folks.


Bing Gong at the Hong Kong WTO Dec 2005

I am here in China as a member of a reality tour/delegation sponsored by Global Exchange. We will be spending a few days in Shanghai and Guangzhou before going on to Hong Kong to protest at the World Trade Organization Ministerial December 13-18.


Farmers concerned over D&PL’s terminator patent

Indian farmers have expressed grave concern over the patent rights accorded to Delta & Pine Land in Europe and US over its controversial terminator technology. They have expressed fears that the company which has recently declared that it would foray into the country’s farm sector in big way, may bring in the terminator technology. This terminator technology is detrimental to the interests of farmers, they said.


FORUM - Cultivating Ideas

These two men aren't in Italy for the Grand Tour. They're representing thousands of farmers who are sinking into their native India's well of rural poverty and they want to tell the rest of the world just what's going on back home. Dr Krishan Bir Chaudhary is speaking on behalf of around five million farmers. He is the chairman of Bharat Krishak Samaj, an association representing India's small farms. Sayed Afsar Jafri is here to represent the India-based Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology founded in 1982 by Dr. Vandana Shiva. Slow Food and the Foundation have been working together for almost two years, collaborating on Presidia projects, the Slow Food Award and the promotion of the foundation's precious seed bank.


Panel to hold convention on May 28, 29

PANAJI: Bharat Krishak Samaj, a national non-political organisation of farmers has decided to hold its 31st national convention on May 28 and 29 in which 5,000 delegates of farmers will participate to deliberate on ways and means to protect the rights of the farmers.


A rotten deal to ryots

With farm subsidy under attack, Quantitative Restrictions on imports gone and marketing facilities not yet in place, farmers are feeling insecure. GARGI PARSAI lists their woes. THE AGRICULTURE sector is in transition - for better or worse, nobody knows yet. For the moment, there is a lot of discontent within the farming community and a growing sense of frustration at the way things has been turning out for it since the Agreement on Agriculture in the World Trade Organisation came into effect in 1995.








I wish the launch of the magazine everysuccess

President of India, H.E.Pratibha Devisingh Patil sends her best wishes for the magazine KISAN KI AWAAZ


Kisan Ki Awaaz magazine launch

Sh. Harish Rawat, Minister of State, Labour & Employment (Govt of India) launching the magazine Kisan Ki Awaaz in the loving memory & on the eve of Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru (L-R) Dr.Popotsev, Councellor Agriculture, Embassy of Russia, Dr. Krishan Bir Chaudhary, President, Bharatiya Krishak Samaj, Sh. Abani Roy (M.P.) Sh. T. Mainiya (M.P.),on 13th Nov.2009 at Russian Centre of Science & Culture NEW DELHI


You will be pleased to know that the apex organisation of Indian farmers, Bharatiya Krishak Samaj has come out with a national monthly to voice the demands and aspirations of Indian farmers called Kisan Ki Awaaz which literally means The Voice of The Farmers.


The Indian farmers not only face the challenges of climate change which leads to extreme conditions like droughts, floods and other natural calamities, but also manmade calamities like the unfair trade regime of the WTO and the FTAs, IPR regime, imposition genetically modified (GM) crops, corporate centric farm policies and overall the government’s apathy towards the providers of food security.


Kisan Ki Awaaz not only reflects the condition of the farmers in various parts of the country, but also voices their demands for a better standard of living and for meeting the needs of food and nutritional security. As a national organization of farmers we pledge to work with other farmers’ organizations across the globe in the spirit of cooperation.